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Individuals join Phi Mu for many reasons. It can be a home away from home, a pathway to campus involvement, a network to develop during college or later. The Phi Mu experience gives each member many opportunities to learn outside the classroom: to lead, to be an active member, to learn, to play, to share with and support others. Each member is an individual and our strong bond helps us grow, both as individuals and as a group.

Phi Mu was founded in 1852, at the first college to award bachelor's degrees to women, by a group of women who valued education. We continue to strive for academic excellence through programming in each collegiate chapter and scholarship support from Phi Mu Foundation. Alumnae chapters also present educational programs because pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey.

Phi Mus serve others in so many ways. Money raised for Children's Miracle Network, our national philanthropy, stays in the local communities where it is raised. All collegiate and alumnae chapters raise funds for or work on the annual CMN Telethon, and many also volunteer at the CMN-affiliated hospitals. Most chapters also support other charities, and members are encouraged to be involved in their communities.

Phi Mus are committed to excellence in everything we undertake in our careers, classrooms, organizations, and personal lives. By setting high standards for membership and high expectations of our chapters, Phi Mu encourages its members to do more and to do it well.

Phi Mus share many traditions -- our quatrefoil badge, Creed, ritual, symbols, songs, philanthropy, academic excellence -- even though we begin our Phi Mu careers on many college campuses. We have more in common with each other through our bond of sisterhood than we have differences. So when we gather in new places surrounded by new friends, we know each other even though we just have met. Phi Mu is, indeed, for a lifetime.

Your daughter will find that college will present her with many scholastic, social and personal challenges. Phi Mu will reinforce the guidance, standards and morals that you, as parents, set upon your daughters while they were growing up. Phi Mu offers your daughter accountability and stability. Moving away from home for the first time is difficult; every Phi Mu has experienced it and understands the feelings that come along with it, therefore; Phi Mu will become your daughter's home away from home. She can safely come and relax in our house and be surrounded by girls that love and care about her, just as you would want them to.

Through Phi Mu your daughter will have the opportunity to utilize many of her skills and unique characteristics. From dancing to sports, from drawing backdrops to organizing the fraternity's budget, she will certainly have her time in the spotlight. She will also develop fortes in many fields she had never experienced before. Leadership, time management, organization skills, creative thinking, contingency planning and networking are few of the many abilities your daughter has the opportunity to develop and grow into a successful young lady.