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Parties & Events

New Member Retreat:
New members take a trip for a day to get to know each other and enjoy a day of fun. Past trips have included Legally Blonde the Musical, Shopping in Birmingham, Geyser Falls, and Wet 'n Wild.

Phi Mu Chapter Retreat:
Each semester Phi Mu holds a chapter retreat for GIRLS ONLY!! Past retreats have included trips to Six Flags, Geyser Falls, Chattanooga Aquarium, shopping in Birmingham or just going to see a chick flick!

Homecoming Brunch:
Every year on Homecoming weekend, Phi Mu hosts a brunch for dates, family and friends. The brunch is usually held at 10:00 a.m. and consists of a variety of food.

Big Sis / Lil' Sis Week:
This week is one of Phi Mu's proudest traditions! During this week, the Phi's receive their big sisters. It is a cherished tradition filled with fun and sentimental nights!

Family Christmas:
At the end of each fall semester, Phi Mu holds Family Christmas. It is a fun night complete with Christmas dinner, presents and Santa Claus! Our members hold this event for our staff and volunteers as a special thank you for all of their hard work and dedication.

Sister Circles:
For their first semester as a Phi Mu, each new member attends a weekly meeting with other new members that is led by an older member of our chapter. This serves as a way for new members to get to know others in their pledge class, as well as giving them an older member to look up to and come to for any questions. These meetings are very fun and take place in places like the refuge, restaurants, and ice cream shops.

3.5 and Up Banquet:
We reward members that have received a 3.5 gpa or higher with a banquet. This is a great time for members to hang out together and celebrate their success.

Study Hall: Throughout the year we put on optional study halls in our home. We invite members to come and study together with the bonus of coffee and special snacks that are provided.

Chapter Church:
Sisters enjoy visiting different churches together throughout the semester.

Crush Party:
This is Phi Mu's Valentine Party held in February. Everyone wears red or pink as they dance the night away with their valentines.

Themed Date Parties:
Phi Mu also hosts themed date parties throughout the years. Past themes include Holi-Date Party, Hunt or Be Hunted, Tacky Wedding, and Roaring 20's Date Party. We also host a formal where members can dress to the nines and enjoy a glamorous night

We hold social events with other greek affiliations throughout the year. Past themes included: Tacky Christmas, Wild Wild West, Hollywood's Hottest, Halloween, Throwback Thursday, Stuck on Spring Break, Mardi Gras, Tacky Wedding, You are what you Netflix, and Cowboys and Aliens.

Bid Day:
This day is surely one of our favorites. We get to welcome home our new members with open arms. Each new member will receive a bid day buddy. Bid day buddies keep the new member company throughout the day and help the new member with anything that is needed. This day is filled with fun, glitter, cupcakes, and roller skating, plus much more. Each year, we have a different theme. Past themes have included “A Phi Mu Fairytale”, “Welcome to This Crazy Beautiful Life”, and “Slide Home”.

Worship Nights and Prayers on the Porch:
These events are held at the house with speakers from local churches. During the event, there are refreshments, as well as different tables set up where attendees can participate in different activities, including a prayer station and other special activities that our members come up with themselves.

Parties & Events

Parties & Events

Parties & Events